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Things to do while on your Orange Beach Dolphin Cruises

 Pkg “G”  3Hr. Dolphin Safari Birthday Celebration on Bird Island  4 Activities for all to play !

Bundle priced for 4-5-6-7-or 8 guests  –(8 guests max) Additional guests additional costs. For larger groups consider additional equipment or 2 Pkgs !

  • Your charter is private. NO strangers on board to compete with your family to see dolphin !
  • You get a a beautiful SSI Sports Executive for your Orange Beach Dolphin Tour !
  • We stock your Boat with Ice Cold Waters and Gatorades for free !
  • Your Snacks are welcome !
  • We leave the Island for Dolphin Safari !
  • Kids drive the boat !
  • We leave the Dolphin !
  • We Go Tubing !
  • We all go swimming !
  • You get 2 Yamaha Vx Delux Waverunners for free !
  • You keep the memories with a Free Family Photo Pkg !

Use the Runners for 3 hrs of tubing and or and see dolphins play within inches of your feet! Your choice to split the runners for tubing plus wave runner time OR take both runners ! Snorkeling available off the east side of Bird Island (if visibility is good.) all you do is pack some snacks and get ready to play  Choose from an AM or PM Adventure ! (Free W/R Pkgs require refule chg on W/R for free use )                                                               

CALL 251-609-3444 FOR Pricing and Booking Options !