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Things to do while on your Orange Beach Dolphin Cruises

Orange Beach Private Jet Ski Dolphin Tours and Β Safaris !!

Our Famous Private Family Wave Runner & Jet Ski Dolphin Tour !

Waverunner Dolphin Tours
This tour is PRIVATE and is Limited to your Β group ONLY. We go at your pace NOT Ours πŸ™‚ We travel in calm back bay waters of the Wolf Bay Estuary where the Gray Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin teach their pups how to survive as a family, grow up and play to amaze kids of all ages! The first part of this trip is an open water trip, the second part of this trip is a Dolphin Safari where in a lot of cases the curiosity of dolphins will entice them to come close enough to see them play at your feet!

* Private Defined*

This is a Completely Private Run and Dolphin encounter. No Strangers in the group .This Run is offered with personal instruction as needed to Go at your pace not ours.

1.5 Hr Tour: $175 Per Runner with Private Guide.

2 Hour Tour:Β $195 Per Runner with Private Guide

Maximum Passengers: up to 2-3 Per Runner. Age, Size & Weight Restrictions Apply.

Price Includes: DOLPHIN CAM VIDEO Guide,Guests,Equipment, Waters & Sports Drinks



Our Popular Pirate’s Cove “Cheeseburger in Paradise” Run Β !!! Voted Most Popular πŸ™‚

Pirates Cove Orange Beach

This three hour fun-filled time on the water includes all of the above with a bonus stop at one of Alabama’s most popular meeting places for locals who know where the BEST cheeseburgers EVER can be eaten! Pirate’s Cove is a great rest stop before heading back, kids have a beach to hang out on and lots of people watching too. This package inc. $30.00 worth of free food for the group from Pirate’s Cove because you are OUR GUESTS!!!


3 Hr Tour: $295 Per Runner with Private Guide

Maximum Passengers:up to 2-3 Per Runner Β Age, Size & Weight Restrictions Apply

Price Includes: Guide, Guests, Equipment, Waters & Sports DrinksΒ & Pirate’s Cove Lunch ($30 Value)


  • Private For Your Family & Friends Only
  • Easy Water to Run In
  • Trained Safety Personnel on Every Trip

Restrictions: No Children under 6 allowed,Β Senior Restrictions Apply

Call (251) 609-3444 to Book Today!

Private family adventures are in very high demand Same day reservations are very rare but possible so book before your Orange Beach vacation, and call 251-609-3444 for pricing availability and details