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Orange Beach Dolphin Cruises

Orange Beach Private Jet Ski Dolphin Tours and  Safaris !!

Our Famous Private Family Wave Runner & Jet Ski Dolphin Tour !

Waverunner Dolphin Tours
This tour will take your group to the calm back bay waters of the Wolf Bay Estuary where the Gray Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin teach their pups how to survive as a family, grow up and play to amaze kids of all ages! The first part of this trip is an open water trip, the second part of this trip is a Dolphin Safari where in a lot of cases the curiosity of dolphins will entice them to come close enough to see them play at your feet!

* Private Defined*

This is a Completely Private Run and Dolphin encounter. No Strangers in the group .This Run is offered with personal instruction as needed to Go at your pace not ours.

1.5 Hr Tour: $175 Per Runner with Private Guide.

This 17 mile Run is perfect for Emphasis on seeing the Natural Beauty of Wolf Bay ! Dolphin sightings are  probable and breaks included.

2 Hour Tour: $195 Per Runner with Private Guide

This 17 to 20 mile run has  more Emphasis and time to see the the  Back Bay Estuary and search on safari for Dolphin.  Stops to cool off and swim, available if requested.

Maximum Passengers: up to 2-3 Per Runner. Age, Size & Weight Restrictions Apply.

Price Includes: DOLPHIN CAM VIDEO Guide,Guests,Equipment, Waters & Sports Drinks



Our Popular Pirate’s Cove “Cheeseburger in Paradise” Run  !!! Voted Most Popular 🙂

Pirates Cove Orange Beach

This three hour fun-filled time on the water includes all of the above with a bonus stop at one of Alabama’s most popular meeting places for locals who know where the BEST cheeseburgers EVER can be eaten! Pirate’s Cove is a great rest stop before heading back, kids have a beach to hang out on and lots of people watching too. This package inc. $30.00 worth of free food for the group from Pirate’s Cove because you are OUR GUESTS!!!


3 Hr Tour: $295 Per Runner with Private Guide

Maximum Passengers:up to 2-3 Per Runner  Age, Size & Weight Restrictions Apply

Price Includes: Guide, Guests, Equipment, Waters & Sports Drinks & Pirate’s Cove Lunch ($30 Value)


  • Private For Your Family & Friends Only
  • Easy Water to Run In
  • Trained Safety Personnel on Every Trip

Restrictions: No Children under 6 allowed, Senior Restrictions Apply

Call (251) 609-3444 to Book Today!

Private family adventures are in very high demand Same day reservations are very rare but possible so book before your Orange Beach vacation, and call 251-609-3444 for pricing availability and details